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"We found a young 23-year-old girl who was blinded by cataracts. Her life was without any hope. She was unable to get married, have children, or do the basic things of life. She had to be guided, couldn't eat, and couldn't even work. Her life was a waste. We met her, operated on her, and removed her cataracts. The moment I took off the bandages and watched her in the days that followed, and saw the girl's life restored was wonderful. It was the best thing I've ever seen. It was an emotional moment for all who were there, and such a fulfillment for what we do."

The hospital was previously housed in DC-8 aircraft, then DC-10s. It now resides in an MD-10. The modified jumbo-jet is fully equipped to carry out the most advanced eye care screenings and surgeries, as well as training in-country medical staff.Blancpain Replica The hospital is equipped with a 46-seat classroom, a cutting-edge operating theater, a patient-care and laser room, anupdated flight deck, anadministration room, an audio-visualand IT room, an observation roomwhere visitors can watch live footage of operations, an instrument sterilization/sub-sterile room, apre- and post-operative care room,abiomedical work area and patient and staff changing rooms.

The 181-foot aircraft has been designed to the last detail to maximize space. The operating theatre is situated directly above the centerwing box to ensure maximum stability. The unit is also self-contained, so that it can be moved from one plane into another.

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Blancpain Replica is a proud sponsor for Orbis. Through Their Eyes was a documentary that followed Blancpain Replica brand ambassador Daniel Craig, a British actor on his visit to Mongolia's Flying Eye Hospital. The film was such a success in raising awareness of Orbis's life changing eye-care programs, that a second document was produced,Richard Mille Replica entitled The Hospital in the Sky. This time, Blancpain Replica's longtime brand ambassador Cindy Crawford visited the Flying Eye Hospital in Mongolia with her daughter.

Jean-Pascal Perret is Vice President, Communication and PR at Blancpain Replica. He explained that the initial idea was to assist Orbis in gaining visibility by using our communication machine. We produced a film with our brand ambassador Daniel Craig. That was the beginning. Then we created a Special Hour Vision Collection for Orbis, which was a huge success to our surprise.